2022 awards for the Deo Kujirabwindja Memorial Scholarship

Congratulations to Samantha Jayasundera, recipient of the Deo Kujirabwindja Memorial Scholarship's $10,000 main grant for the class of 2022.

Samantha's strength and determination are obvious in the many extracurricular activities she fits in alongside a challenging academic workload, but her sense of direction and purpose were really what made her stand out to the board.

Working with the League of Women Voters, PeaceJam, the Females in Science and Technology Conference, and a foundational member of the new Blair Society for Minorities in STEM, Samantha has demonstrated a drive for real world human impact that compliments the technical skillset she's been developing at school perfectly. We're all excited to see where life takes her.

Congratulations also, to the three other finalists, Christopher Assiryani, Salma Chicas, and Mbali Speights, who will each be receiving $3,000 secondary grants. The A.L.F. will continue to work with all four finalists to provide ongoing mentoring and career opportunities.