The Deo Kujirabwindja Memorial Scholarship

The Deo Kujirabwindja Memorial Scholarship is the American Leadership Foundation's main scholarship program, centered on a $10,000 grant awarded to emerging leaders the year that they graduate from high school.

The Deo Kujirabwindja Memorial Scholarship also includes three secondary grants of $3,000 each that are awarded to the finalists who are not chosen to receive the primary $10,000 grant.

Beyond the monetary grants, scholarship recipients are welcomed into an ongoing mentoring program to connect them with further opportunities throughout their lives. This mentoring support is based on individual desires and needs, and can range from help finding internship and job opportunities, introductions to leaders within a given career field, to logistical support with moving and career counseling.

Broadly, applying for the Deo Kujirabwindja Memorial Scholarship involves three main components:

  • A written essay
  • A letter of recommendation from an adult non-relative
  • Interviews with the members of the ALF Board of Directors

All applications are reviewed by members of the board. We select a shortlist of candidates based on the strength of their written essays; we select the pool of finalists from that shortlist after reviewing their letters of recommendation; we select the primary grant recipient from the finalist pool after interviewing each person in it.

This year, we are asking prospective applicants to sign up using the form below to receive specific instructions on how to apply.

After signing up below and confirming your email address, you will receive application information within the next day.

Essay submissions for the first stage of the application process must be submitted by 11:59pm on Sunday, March 6th, 2022. Make sure you sign up to receive the essay prompt with enough time to complete your application.

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